tweaker joke #2

topic posted Thu, May 4, 2006 - 2:21 PM by  Anna
So Jesus walks into this bar...........there we're only 3 people there to see it. Well actually there were only 2 there to see it because the one guy down at the end of the bar was blind, Blind Eddie they call him. The other guy was an old vet, missing half his right hand because of war wound. The 3rd guy in the bar was a tweaker, he was over at the video game in the corner.

So anyway Jesus walks in, and goes over to Blind Eddie and waves his hand over his face, suddenly blind Eddie is cured, and very greatful, he buys Jesus a drink. Next Jesus walks over to the vet and waves his hand over the vets hand, suddenly his hand is whole again and he is greatful, and buys Jesus a drink. Next Jesus starts to walk toward the tweaker, But the tweaker jumps up and shouts "DON'T TOUCH ME, I JUST GOT MY SSI !!!"
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